Winter Proof Your Home

According to the Insurance Information Institute, “winter storms are the third largest cause of catastrophic loss, behind only hurricanes and tornadoes.” So it is very important to take measures to protect and prepare your home for winter. Here are some tips of how you can ensure your home is ready for this winter:

  • Prevent your pipes from freezing: When the weather gets colder, unprotected water pipes can often freeze, leaving you without water (and in some cases without heating, too). Without steps to protect them during the winter months, water pipes can freeze and sometimes burst. Allowing heat to circulate around your home and having sufficient insulation can help ensure the pipes remain at a constant temperature.
  • Winterize your interior: Caulking and weather-stripping around doors and window sills can help to reduce the likelihood of heat loss, as well as the possibility of water seeping into your home due to ice dams. Also, make sure to seal up any holes in any outside walls and your home’s foundation.
  • Inspect exterior: Make sure you clear any leaves and branches from your drain pipes before the winter season arrives. Safely cut away any branches that are hanging over your house and repair any damage to your gutters and roof.
  • Protect your home from flooding: As snow drifts begin to build around your home, remove the snow from doorways, window wells, and walls. As snow drifts melt they can cause water damage to your home.

Winter can certainly be a magnificent time of the year. The best parts of this season for me are, family gatherings, great food and warming up by the fire with a coffee. Making steps to prepare your home for winter will help you avoid costly repairs, allow you to relax and enjoy this wonderful time of year.