Technology & Real Estate

A few weeks ago we talked about technology and the real estate industry on our weekly real estate talk show, Reality Realty on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Technology has advanced in so many ways over the past few years. Specifically in the job as a Realtor, technology has made certain tasks so much easier. For example, having a Smartphone with cloud storage allows me to access everything on my computer without having to lug my computer everywhere I go. Electronic filing saves space, paper and ink. Backup systems prevent losing documents due to a fire or flooding. One of my favourite gadgets that I use regularly in my job is my Laser measuring device. The Bosch GLR500 measures accurately up to 500 feet, over top of furnishings allowing for speed of measuring and accuracy. Developing floor plans for homes has become much more efficient thanks to this new form of technology.

Technology has also become very helpful to both the Seller and the Buyer in the real estate industry. Electronic signatures have allowed people to be able to sign real estate documents from a remote location as long as they have access to their email. This saves time and is so convenient for people who no longer have to leave their homes- late at night, in bad weather or who have children going to bed. It also improves the clarity and legibility of documents. Some apps that are useful for Sellers and Buyers include:, an easy way to find the most complete source of residential listings in your area. The Canadian mortgage calculator and Land transfer tax calculator are user friendly and provide useful financial information during the buying process.

Those are just some of the many ways that technology has improved the real estate industry. I wonder what technology & real estate will look like in 20 years?