Movesnap The App that Makes Moving a Snap

Imagine there was an app that could make your life easier when it comes to moving. Where changing your address, transferring home services and updating your identification could be done all in one place. Look no further because Movesnap is that app! If you choose me as your Realtor to either sell or buy your home I will personally pay for you to be able to use this app. It really is amazing and easy to use. I input your closing date and your new address and then you will receive notifications for when certain tasks need to be done, like ordering packing boxes and booking your moving truck. It allows you to change your home address for the Post Office, transfer home services like your utilities, internet and phone and then update your identification on your driver’s license, health card…all with a few clicks! It is very user friendly and straightforward and from what I have heard from people who have used Movesnap is that it is incredibly helpful when it comes to moving and ensured tasks were completed on time and with great ease.

If you ever need help with something that doesn’t seem to be straight forward or if you rather talk to someone in person, you can call Rachael, our team’s Client Care Coordinator; Rachel will personally work with you to complete these tasks.