What Is Reality Realty?

For those of you who don’t know, Reality Realty is a radio program that I host on Northumberland 89.7 FM every Thursday morning from 11am to noon. Reality Realty is your local real estate forum where local professionals take on and talk about all things real estate with a direct focus on Northumberland County and the communities within it. Each week we have a different topic that relates to the real estate business. We have had a variety of guests come on the show including a home inspector, interior designer, builder, mortgage specialist, lawyer, just to name a few. I think my favourite part about hosting this program is the wealth of knowledge that I learn from the different professionals who come on the show. There is always something to learn in the world of real estate! And we always have some good laughs as well.

If you have missed an episode and want to have a listen, click on this link to find all our past shows: https://northumberland897.ca/realityrealty/