Seven Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Exterior Through the Fall Real Estate Market

It’s the fall real estate market in Northumberland County, and the first day back to school produced 15 new listings on the system for the Northumberland Hills Association of Realtors. As a seller, it should go without saying that this is no time to drag your heels; keeping your home looking great is the best way to create interest and to bring the offers in.

Here are seven affordable and effective ways to maintain the exterior of your home for sale this fall:

  • 1. When the outdoor furniture isn’t going to be used anymore, store it away.
  • 2. Replace those summer flowers (which will soon have seen better days) with autumn-friendly flowers; consider perhaps a few pots of mums at the front door to make your entrance colourful and welcoming.
  • 3. Rake up those leaves and freshly turn up the garden soil and/or mulch.
  • 4. Clean out the eavestroughs of leaves and debris.
  • 5. Consider pressure-washing exterior house walls, decking boards, and fencing.
  • 6. This is a great time to clean windows inside and out. Everyone loves a home with natural lighting, so make the most of what you have.
  • 7. Check weather stripping on windows and doors and repair/replace as required.

These seven fall home maintenance tips will show prospective buyers that your home is well-cared-for and will give you the edge in a competitive real estate market.