Tips for Effectively Selling Your Home This Winter

Thinking about selling your home this winter? Here are some tips on how to effectively sell your home during the cooler months. First, make sure that the sidewalk, deck and driveway are clear of ice and snow for safety reasons and for first and last impressions. Do you have a backyard feature like a gazebo? Keep the path to it clear. Shortly after the Christmas holidays take down the decorations inside and out to help show that you stay on top of maintenance. Another easy thing to do is turn up the heat; the best home staging won’t entice prospective buyers to linger inside a home that’s freezing! If you have a wood stove or fireplace, have them functioning for the showing to create a cozy warm atmosphere. Since it’s usually pretty wet outside during the winter, have a large mat at the entrance door for wet boots and shoes. The winter months also mean shorter days and less natural light. Be sure to have adequate lighting in every room. Lastly,  consider baking something like fresh bread or chocolate chip cookies right before a showing. The smell of homemade baking can be a valuable secret weapon for the Seller. Winter is not necessarily the worst time to sell your home, it can be a great time for playing up your home’s cozy, family-friendly charm.