Preparing for a Successful Sale

(Friday 25th of May 2018)

You can have your home listed within hours but is it the best approach and will your results be optimized?

You’ve been talking about moving for over a year and last night after dinner you made the decision to sell your home and move. You’re going to call your Realtor today and have them list the home tomorrow - why waste any time? You’re certain that you want to move and it’s Thursday after all; why not take advantage of the weekend viewings? Sound familiar? There are many things to consider when preparing for the sale of your home, but I hope this list will help you get started and help to ensure a successful sale:

  •  -Thorough market analysis as opposed to looking at the listing of a couple recent sales in your neighbourhood and making a judgement call without a proper analysis

  • - Have you looked at what you can buy in the area your hoping to move to?

  • - Have you looked into financing on the new home?

  • - Have you completed your final staging?

    • - Furniture arranging

    • - Wall hangings

    • - Horizontal surfaces - decluttering

    • - Cleaning - scrubbing of items you might not regularly clean

      • - Window and sliding door tracks

      • - Ceiling fan blades

      • - Exhaust fan and furnace fan grills

      • - Walls and doors

      • - Basements and garages

    • - Considered a fresh coat of paint and/or stain

    • - Carpet cleaning

    • - Don’t forget how the house smells - I’d recommend not using the air fresheners

      • - Raises suspicion and some people won’t be able to stay in your home to consider it as an option.

  • - Have you considered a pre-inspection of your home?

    • - Can give extra confidence for the Buyer

    • - Seller’s negotiating advantage

  • - What’s your viewing routine?

    • - Where do the everyday items go to clear up the space?

    • - What do you do with your family and pets?

    • - Do you leave for work in the mornings with the house ready to show?

    • - Is there a lockbox or special door code security number for Realtors

If you don’t already have a Realtor to work with, I would be more than happy to assist you with the sale of your home. I provide an architectural photographer, home stager, pre-inspection of your home, floor plans, virtual tour and the Movesnap app all at no cost to you.